the journey within

A holistic empowered mentorship guided by the Moon phases to align you with the nature’s cycles & the abundace therein.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Be clear on what your mission is, your why and what to do to pursue your heart’s desire;
  • Understand your inherent nature, why you are the way you are based on Astrology and empathic techniques;
  • Heal past conditionings holding you back from your up level;
  • Learn what best serves your health and wellbeing, nourishing and moving towards radiance;
  • Have manifested your dream lifestyle, following your innate talents and serving humanity through your soul-based work <3

Every journey is as unique as you & me, but the process includes, among other tailored intuitive medicine:

>> M A P P I N G <<


We start with a sketch of your highest dreams and momentary desires.
Find out what is holding you back right now and design a plan to pave your way towards a high vibe life.
>>  A C K N O W L E D G I N G <<


An invitation to dive in the depths of your psych and discover that mysterious layer of yourself. The one you already know but may not be fully aware about…

Tune into your soul’s mission, remember your strengths and weaknesses, learn how to navitage the challenges with the Sky’s wisdom.
Opening the gate of Your Temple with a birth chart reading to understand how the planetary and star energies play a role in your life, understanding where your conditionings come from and what is most auspicious for you to embrace and use it in your favour to design your ideal lifestyle.
>> D I S C O V E R I N G <<


What kind of energies are exacerbated and lacking in your energy field.


  • Find out your Ayurvedic dosha to understand what types of food, physical exercises and variables hinder or improve your health and wellbeing.

 Tailor the high vibe activities to nourish your soul from inside out, aligning your frequency to the pureness of what you’re calling in.

  • Chakras balancing techniques to see which ones are exacerbated, in equilibrium or in lack.

 Tuning into the best cures for you with crystals, meditations, visualisations and life areas to focus on.

  • Limiting beliefs holding you back to past behaviours that keep you on the loop.

 Acting out the same way as before will bring nothing new. Change those patterns to match the new you.

 ­ ­
>> I N H A L I N G <<

By comprehending how the different polarities play out in your mind and knowing what supports you to stay in a high vibrational state, you will start to embrace the healing practices and healthy routine that brings you wellness.

  • DNA activation to access your higher self and unlock your fullest potential, where we will begin to unlock those past limiting beliefs and start implementing new ones;
  • Nutrition guidance according to Ayurvedic wisdom;
  • Yoga techniques, Pranaymas and physical practices to get your energy moving and in balance;
  • Meditations and visualisations to balance Chakras and their influence in aspects of your life;
  • Reiki energy to heal and energise any area in your body in need at that moment.
>> E X H A L I N G <<

This is your momento to tune in and digest all the changes going on. You’ll be invited to journal on speficic patterns coming up to the surface, dreams mapping, slowing down and creating space for what wants to come through.

>> S T R E N G T H E N I N G <<

Already empowered by self-knowledge and feeling the bliss of wellness, your mind will be clearer to what needs to come through next.

We’ll work on any blocks that are still coming up, interpreting dreams and their message to guide you and strengthen your connexion to your higher self; connecting the missing dots towards where you want to reach.

>> B E C O M I N G <<

Exclusive 1-1 support in giving birth to your soulful project you’ve been dreaming of but have been stuck with the details…

I’m here for you:

  • branding
  • copy writing
  • career guidance
  • soul mate / love attraction