love chart

You already did the work within and now are ready to manifest a partner.

What will they be like? Be like? Is there an ideal partner that is written in the stars to join you and create a sacred partnership based on love, joy and respect?

Isn’t it amazing how we are constantly presented with duality among not only ourselves but all around us…

Our bodies and brain have a feminine and masculine side, as in nature there is no light without darkness, winter without summer; and evidently, in our horoscopes it couldn’t be any different: our ideal partner that is written in the stars have the opposite but complementing qualities opposite our sign that represents the self.

For they are not there to complement something missing, but instead to join forces and balance energies into perfect alignment.

With this Love Chart Reading you will discover about your ideal partner: their personality, traits, where you might meet them, how the relationship is going to be, how do you deal with love and the way you’d like to be loved.

In the chart, Venus and the Moon tell us about your strengths but also your fears regarding yourself x your beloved.

  • Venus tells us about our sensuality and flirty side; what attracts us most in a partner and how we play the dating game.
  • When a lover becomes a beloved, it enters the Moon real. She confides us the memories of the soul… the way we behave facing situations is only a reaction to what we went through in our childhood, which left an imprint in our lives.
By bringing the unconscious to the surface, you are empowered by self-knowledge to better navigate relationships. For instance, to not project your fears onto your partner, but to acknowledge them and honour as your own.

This serves not only for love encounters, but friends, ideal business partnerships and clients correspond to the same aspect in your chart!