birth chart alchemy

Know which planets and signs are there to better understand your life path through their aspects, positions and relations influencing your past, present and future, your personality and other’s around you.
By travelling through the wheel of Astrology:

Yourself: understanding your chart gives you an overview of your psych in a way you might be surprised… “How can you know that?” You might ask – the planets tell all.

{Not all your secrets, as astrology is not a definite path that dictates how and what’s going to happen… but what it does is gives us tips and explanations on why things are the way they are, and thus teaching us how to better deal with them.}

Money: how is your relationship to money? How do you win and spend it? Know how to better deal with it to attract prosperity into your life.

Family: understanding your parents and siblings’ behaviour patterns for better communication and empathy.

Mindset/Leisure: how can you embrace your ideas for them to become actual achievements? How can you spend quality time cherishing things that nourish your soul (=hobbies)?

Children: do you want to have children? Astrology tells you how they’re going to be and a solid hint if it might be a boy or girl… (yes, we can know that!!!)

Health: what issue in your body are you most affected by? What might affect you in the future? Become aware of possible upcoming health issues by preventing them.

Love life: Curious to know who/how is your ideal partner? Where you might meet your life partner? What kind of people to associate with for business, etc?

Sex, Mystery & Death: taboos, sexuality, how you deal with the darkness and life transformations?

Studies and Travel: what is most auspicious for you in terms of studying, university, etc? What are your preferences in travel?

Career: what are the best pathways for success in your career and prosperity?

Friends & Society: social exchanges are enriching; know who to focus on in order to enlarge your mindset and social circle with friends, partnerships (work) and clubs/NGO’s, societies.

Spirituality: how can you expand and deepen your spirituality? How do you comprehend it and/if relate to God/Universal forces?

Wounds & Healing: what are your deepest wounds and why – for they are here to serve others; discover how to deal with them.

Carmic Map: Know from your signs where your soul has been through and lived in past lives. Discover your ancestral places & why/what you are here in this world for.

Purpose & Challenges: what are you here in this world to accomplish and improve?

p.s: Please note that astrology does not bring a finished plan for you, as you are the captain of your own destiny; what it does is gives you possibilities and guidance towards your most auspicious opportunities thanks to your born talents. That is why we study your life since the exact time you were born…  

What others are saying about my readings…

“The difficulty of finding our own path in life and creating our own wholesome future is often bothering a lot of people in their daily lives. It’s not only destiny that creates our future but also our big decisions in life. I’ve always had trouble with knowing what I want, what I am capable of doing and to know where my strengths and weaknesses are.

After Alice was reading my birth chart to me, I felt more capable of knowing what I can achieve in my life. She showed me a reflection of my own life and what else there will be in the future.

When she mentioned something that was important to me in particular, we discussed my feelings and hopes about it and we talked about how it showed in the past and how it will show in the future.
Alice is not only a very lovely person, she is also good at understanding and interpretation. She really knows her studies about astrology and with her as a partner of discussion too, she maybe will turn your point of view upside down. She helped me focus on what I really love and gave me the energy to be the best version of myself.

“I have never done a birth chart before, and I’m so so glad I chose Alice to do it. I was smiling while reading the 20 pages she sent me because it was just so accurate! I’m following a path of inner knowledge and to do my birth chart helped SOO much to understand myself better and work on my weak spots. It was extremely enlightening as well, and it came in a moment where I was in need of guidance, so the moment was very propitious as well. I surely recommend Alice 100% <33”


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