about me

I’m Alice.

I’m a high vibe whisperer, holistic mentor and writer.

Here to dig in beyond the surface.

To hold a mirror for you to see the infinite potential available for you to manifest what you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether that is better health and a higher mood, to discover your purpose, to finish writing a book, to create your heart-based business, to get done with the details needed for the big picture of your project… I’m here for you.

I work intuitively with who matches the sacred container I create to uplevel into a higher frequency. That means this journey to the depths of the self is as unique as you & me. all my offerings are tailored to your needs and are never the same.

I work with ancient wisdom techniques that align your frequency with a high purpose, meaningful, dream life.

« astrology »

« ayurveda »

« tethahealing »

« reiki »

« crystals »

« chakras balancing »

« feng shui »

« & what you need to thrive »
I tune into the alchemy for you to transform the average into gold.
To bring on the awesome and help you reach your most audacious goals.